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Nanning jiamei decoration design Ltd is a well-known designer team co-founder, indoor high pure design, formerly Nanning America ornament Design Studio founded in 1998, is Nanning's first design team specializing in Interior and pure design, is County's first interior design team of pure design. More than 10 years to focused Yu business space, and Villa, and alone building House, and mansion, Nanning decoration company, and Nanning decorative company, and Nanning decoration company, and Nanning decoration, and Nanning decorative, and Nanning decoration, and Nanning Office decoration, and Nanning Villa decoration, and Nanning plant decoration, and Nanning Office decoration, and Nanning which home decoration company good, and Nanning best of decoration company indoor high-end original pure design, its works throughout national, in Sichuan, and Chongqing, and Yunnan, and Guizhou, and Henan, and Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, and Beijing, and Design footprint to all domestic cities such as Shanghai and Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places of the senior designers to establish a long-term business relationship. Stable high-end customers is designed more than 10 years of Foundation and soil, its business-oriented and strive to Southeast Asia market development. Café by the design company plans to share investment would create an international designers ' Club, cafe as a platform, combines coffee culture, interior design, jewelry display, design exchange of complete industrial chain, this marks the design to a new level. Company design Director, graduated from Sichuan University, loves travel, traveled in the design life of more than 10 years are in the design State, so many people refer to her as "wandering Designer". Considered in the process of traveling from the heart to different countries, different nationalities, different parts of the simple style and moved, proud of their culture, and only in this atmosphere and mood is full of creative impulse and passion. Advocate design is not wedded to a particular style, with people as the Center for life and creativity are fundamental to interior design. Don't need too much publicity, just as music gently singing can make one's inner world is very large. Works shows the level and the nature, but it contains in the effortless sway boundless artistic temperament, in space was borrowed and integrated into the music, film, dance, art and other art content to enrich themselves in the form of creation. Hong Kong Interior design, internationally renowned designer, father of Gao Wenan was so: an integration of Chinese and Western culture designers. Now concurrently more than decoration company design consultant.

Nanning Home Decoration Design Co.,Ltd

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