Hanyu decoration and renovation construction technology and acceptance criteria

Process flow:
010101, construction workers according to the drawings. Check the original line is eligible, if qualified we recommend all over again, before the check for leakage protection switch total household mains, without immediately installing the rear of power consumption for construction. Should be set per household household distribution box, distribution box located within the GFCI and scores the way out, General Electric parts should be divided into air conditioning, lighting, ordinary power outlets, kitchen outlet into four groups.
010102, determine whether the original switch socket and lamp by the customer reservations, if you want to keep, number must be recognized by the customer after the removed for safekeeping.
010103, the line should not be buried in kitchen. Wire and cable insulation resistance to ground should be greater than 0.5 MΩ, flame-resistant tube grounding wire to the grounding resistance is less than 10M.
010104, all lines have to wear a tube, all pipes and fittings, you must use the qualified products, and keep product certification, the wall open Groove depth should not exceed 40, not in precast slab, slab, beams and columns grooved. Prefabricated office can only knock down plaster layer, use cotton varnished sleeve. 15 tubes to wear 3 4 mm 2 cable, 4 2.5 mm 2 cable; 20 tubes can be worn 5 4 mm 2 cable, 7 2.5 mm 2 cable. (Tube ≤ thread diameter of the wire section area of 40%). PVC conduit and junction boxes must use lock connection PVC pipe embedded in the wall, at the finish line and power checked the rear can be buried, final plastering wall distance should not be less than 5 mm. Line pipe must be firmly fixed. Dark line box and switch panel installation should be installed level, firmly fixed, adjacent switch socket on Panel Mount spacing closely aligned spacing is generally about 1 mm.
010105, ordinary electrical outlets in the home line, neutral, ground is 2.5 mm 2 copper-core cable air conditioning line for ≥ 4 mm 2 copper wire, grounding air conditioning line for 2.5 mm 2 copper wire, each preset according to customer requirements of the room air-conditioning outlet. All wiring connectors before installing the switch panel, regardless of power or not, must be wound thread shall not be exposed to the outside.
010106, the power cable must be used copper wire, TV cable, telephone cable, audio cable, network cable using a high quality line. Different voltage levels, different circuits and AC and DC wiring shall not be worn in the same tube. Several loops of similar lighting, can be put into the same tube.
010107, single-phase two-hole socket, socket under the left hole or holes connects with the zero line; the same room of the same type switch and socket height of unanimity. Single-phase three-hole socket, socket Zuo Kong connected with the zero line, grounding Ying An hole on, the earthing terminal of the socket may not be directly connected with the neutral Terminal. All lines in a threaded pipe without joints, 6mm2 the following single strand copper wire suitable for winding, winding requirements greater than 5 laps, after winding Iron Tin, tin-lined full with insulation tape and a black cloth double dressing.
010108 surround audio cables according requirements embedded into the right position, left outside the walls shall not be less than 1.5 m. Audio cable should be buried junction box. Line wires should be left in the box room, when wiring cable into the switch, line directly into the lamp holder, Screw base line Bell housing.
010109, lamp box, junction box setting is handy for maintenance. Should use a hose to light, its length should not exceed 1M. Strong, light current conductors are not allowed to appear naked in the ceiling.
010110, under normal circumstances, plug it took 300 mm ground clearance for the completion of the ground. Switch out 1300 mm from the ground, air conditioning outlets wanting 1800 mm off the ground, kitchen Sockets it took 1000 mm from the ground, bathroom outlets wanting to 1300 mm from the ground, kitchen, bathroom considering whether to use waterproof plugs under the circumstances. If line, only local reconstruction projects, the switch and socket height should be the same at the source switch and socket height of unity.
010111, air conditioning in rooms should be considered out of the hole in the wall, wall not less than φ 55.9 mm PVC pipe embedded, 2000 mm from the ground. Packaged embedded not less than φ 70 mm PVC pipe, 200 mm from the ground. Lighting by design group control, the living room light switch set to 2 groups, not free to suggest customer use computer controlled switch.
010112, the circuit is completed, in the next step when the construction and installation of decorative pieces, should be careful not to damage the wall line.
Electric Knowledge:
01, 1.5 mm 2 copper wire may be 2200W load 2.5 mm 2 copper wire can withstand load 3500W, 4 mm 2 copper wire can withstand 5200W load 6 mm 2 copper wire can withstand the 8800W load, 10 mm 2 copper wire can withstand 14000W loads.
Acceptance criteria:
010201, switches, outlets of the same type in the same room that degree of consensus, consistent spacing between adjacent panels, installed firmly, cover plate right and reasonable position, surface cleaning.
010202, use normal lighting in all rooms.
010203, sockets use normal power supply and air conditioning in all rooms.
010204, all room telephones, stereos, TV, network cable can be used normally.
010205 provide transformation of as-built drawings of the decoration line to customers, marked wire specifications and alignments.
010206, all installations of electrical equipment (such as exhaust fans, bathroom heater, induction, etc) using the normal.
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