Service process

take indoor and outdoor (home decoration, Office decoration, clubs, gardens, KTV, restaurants etc) decoration design-----implementation-----acceptance-----
Engineering Manager + class engineering quality supervision + engineering + design Director General Manager responsible for the system, after the first person to do things.
Each items engineering supporting issued single engineering management system manual, its content including construction personnel Division responsibility schedule, and construction low-down records, and decorative construction progress table, and decorative material quality track views table, and decorative process quality track views table, and to drainage pipeline road try records, and decorative engineering construction hydropower transformation schematic, and decorative design change book, and decorative engineering increased project change single, and decorative engineering quality rectification notification single, and decorative engineering completed acceptance single, specific management, and acceptance terms, by construction team, and management personnel, and Customer acceptance of three parties, monitor, protect the rights and interests of consumers.
1,   material distribution to eliminate fake and shoddy material into the site, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
2,   1,
According to the budget specified materials ' new Jackie ' brand models of unified distribution of various types of wood materials, such as: finger jointed panels, wood panels, veneer, cedar, wood received the edge professional building materials, with excellent quality, performance, environmental indicators stable and excellent performance.
2, paint
Brand: "Garbo ' resources" brand engineered special paint, the series is designated by a number of local enterprises as high-grade home improvement projects using specific products.
Use of brand-name products: Nippon Paint, Dulux, CR, Germany Dou Fang and other high quality latex paint.
4 two kinds of methods of water and electricity, electricity and materials adopted
Traditional craft wire and cable: Sichuan three national best products-shares (Sichuan cable General factory) production of high quality copper wire.
PVC, PPR pipes: multi national best products-deyang shares production of "multiple" brand quality tubing.
3,   recommend technology advanced galvanized pipe and linker

Cement: Sichuan Emei manufacturers production of "Emei Shan", "happy" brand 325# Silicon cement ordinary Portland, ore.
White LaTeX: the new masters of "Crystal" brand of white glue (formaldehyde, products of the best quality).
Finished PuTTY, Blue Star, 303, high-class special PuTTY. 805 Glue:
6, unified distribution
These engineered materials are uniform distribution to the site by the company, guarantee the quality of materials

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