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Small conference room

Small conference room

comparison of Office decoration use wallpaper, wallpaper and floor, happy it is negative. Mainly construction quality problems, many construction teams are dealing with bad wallpaper two things: mildew and scalability.

(1) wallpaper must first deal with the wall to make it smooth. Approach is to use the backing paper. If you do not use the backing paper is to use fly powder. Because here, regardless of what approach is used, be sure to dry after just posted the wallpaper, or a moldy old problems will occur. To mention here is, be sure to make sure the walls are clean to prevent water seepage on external walls.

(2) suggest a mildew soil method: If your wall is already processing (such as twin fly powder by hot), you can brush the oil again. Haha, oil and water do not mix. This avoids wall moisture directly into wallpaper.

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